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10 August 2010 @ 12:19 am
Random Fits of Sleep  
I must suffer from some new type of sleep disorder - the hit and run kind. BAM! Suddenly you pass out for 2 hours while dreams infused with giant Merengue beats from the latin music blaring upstairs come and go. Eventually, the cat paws at you tentatively - time for food.

Clearly, she runs the household.

Meanwhile, yesterday after a grueling day filled with walking, driving and mind puzzles tiredness ensues. Yet, somehow 1600 mcg of melatonin later no snoozing occurs.

In the aftermath, the realization comes that the time to harness the wrath of the insomnia has indeed come. I will be calling Dr. Abrahamson tomorrow - the melatonin pills aren't working. Sleeping every now and again in two hour blocks is not...optimal...