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13 August 2010 @ 12:01 pm
I was released early today for good behaviour. In order to capitalize on this, I fully plan on enjoy many hours of freedom engaged in activities that I have been putting off:

Short term goals
> Print Picture letters for Dad, Other Granny (OG) who I have never met, Sue (<3)
> Actually send dad an email letting him know that I have not died, but my phone commits intermittent harakiri

> See about that gym membership. Work is making me lazy and fat.

> Clean bathroom, room and set up for dinner extravaganza - Bangers and Mash

> LSAT fun times - Outline study plan and look into registration for Dec LSAT
> Order LSAT Logic Games Bible + Workbook

> Pay Student Loans for Sept.

Long Term Goals

> Sudoku - do two "Moderate" puzzles per day for next week, move on to "Demanding" next Sunday
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