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16 August 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Die fetten Tage sind vorbei -or- Hydrocortizone Cat, Superhero  
Finally wrote an email to my dad. It's odd, the feeling of dissociation that has increased with the passing of the past four years. In all honesty, when I am homesick it is not Denmark or my dad that I miss. Rather, it is the drumming sound of rain that pounds on your window early in the morning, when everything is dark and still; chestnut trees pelting you with fruit as you bike up the great hill; or cool summer days at the beach, where the rich smoke of late evening bonfires saturates the air. There is a melancholy feel to life that is hard to describe, when nothing makes sense.

I don't miss that.

And I do like living here, and I have grown a tremendous amount as a person, which is something that I attribute - ironically - to the otherness of life here. But sometimes it is hard being away from friends and " home," however elusive of a concept that has now become.

However, my happiness stems from the everyday happenstances that are often overlooked. For instance, it is intriguing what a profound effect an hour or so of exercise can have. Today consisted of a lighter fare than yesterday, but sometimes the breaking point is reached earlier. My lesson has been learned - next time I am choosing an eliptical far away from the CMT channel TV.

Somehow, I doubt that continuous balling during the glute II programme suits me, but "Extreme Home Makeover" was on - Pennington & co were remaking the home of a dead soldier, specifically the first woman to die in the Iraq war. Thank god I am only emotionally bonkers about 10% of the time. Once a month, the invasion of the body snatchers occurs. My rational self stands powerless (well, mostly) while Hormonal Hannah takes over. Joy.
Current Music: "Smile Like You Mean It," the Killers